Yuriy Yatsiv's resume

About me

I currently live in Khimki, Russia. My motto is to research a work flow, find its bottlenecks and see how they can be optimized. At the same time the improvement shouldn't hurt users, instead it should help them to be more efficient and provide better experience. I also love to help people, assist them and resolve their issues as quickly as possible. This makes me happy and stay productive.


Professional experience.

Web developer, technical support specialist at Desis LTD, Moscow, Russia
Duties: ongoing web site development, user account system dev-t, customer support
2008 – current

Entrepreneur (self-employed)
Duties: finding customers, providing support to customers; written translations and web development
2003 – current

Ukrainian translator at Google
Duties: written translations of Google AdWords, AdSense and some other minor projects
2003 – 2007

System and network administrator at Grand Hotel, Lviv, UA
Duties: LAN deployment and network ongoing support. Users technical support (more than 50 PC)
2001 – 2003


Info about my higher Professional education level.

Specialist's degree in Informational Management systems and technologies
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv, Ukraine
2003 - 2004

Bachelor's degree in Computer sciences analyst
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv, Ukraine
2001 - 2003


Some of my professional achievements by the moment, including scripts, CMS, online tools, etc.

2013-2015 [CRM development and IT management] Desis
Designed, developed from scratch and implemented a simple online cloud CRM for a public utility company. This significantly decreased the cusomers' utilities meter data processing to several hours in total and a single accountant to work with, instead of 50 hours monthly and 2-3 specialists. A module to get customers' feedback and requests developed and integrated to the system. The response time decreased from up to 30 days with the use of traditional mailing to up to two days electronically. Added the ability for a customer to choose the proper request's category like "an Elevator is not working" or "A lamp in an entrance hall is broken". This allowed to dispatch requests online to exact specialists directly without any middleman. Based on the use statistics gathered, implemented a predefined answers feature for most questions. This decreased response time to the same day or even the same hour. Based on customers requests and demand implemented an online payment gateway. The number of payments and their frequency has been also increased because of that.

[Startup] GuideZillah.com
Organized a remote team of 4 web developers to build from scratch an airbnb-like service in travel industry (tours and excurcsions) and maintain it. Created specs, chose technology (PHP, MySQL, git, Apache, Nginx, HTML5, css3, Mantis bug tracking system, Google Docs)

[Project Management] interpreter Moscow
Organized an effective remote team of 4 web developers and build from scratch an airbnb-like service in travel industry (tours and excurcsions) and maintain it. Created specs, chose technology (PHP, MySQL, git, Apache, Nginx, HTML5, css3, Mantis bug tracking system, Google Docs)

[Tech support] De sis
To get a better idea of how customers requests in company should be provided, worked part time as a senior support manager. Based on experience and knowledge received improved the ticketing system by giving the ability to meter time spent by a support specialist for a request in average and in particular cases. Another thing were implemented is to allow customers to rate answers. This helps to meter how the support specialist performs.

[Translation] Google AdWords
Translated system's interface into Ukrainian language, participated in meetings to discuss the work. More than 300000 words (around 900 A4 pages)
Used by thousands people worldwide daily

[PHP] madCMS
Create a free open source Site's Content Management System. Optimized the size of it to 200 Kb while maintaining the minimum set of features like

[PHP] Vitroff
A free open source translation project management system

[PHP] Character Counter
A popular online service that counts and analyzes plain text
Used by thousands people daily

[PHP] aenRC [RU]
Send Natural Resource Counters Data to an utility Company
Used by thousands people monthly

[Bash] BashBashServer
A set of Bash Linux scripts for daily use on a dedicated or virtual server


Other info you might be interested in.

Baumans Technology University Moscow tests program: PHP Specialist, JavaScript Specialist, HTML specialist

English (Professional proficiency), Russian (native speaker), Ukrainian (native speaker)

PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, Git, MVC, Github / Bitbucket, Project management, Technical support


I volunteer at

Homeless pets care
Organized a process to get homeless pets in Himki area vaccinated and cared by pro vets. Involved into the process more volunteers
Himki, Russia

Road and Kids Safety
Organized a process to make home yards safer by installing special driver signs, borders, etc in places, where they doesn't exist so far. Involved local authorities to the process
Himki, Russia

Participation in conferences, seminars, meetups

Silicon Valley Open Doors. Seminars of interest: Internet of things
June 2015

San Diego Startup Week. Listener and watcher. Seminars of interest: Minimum Viable Design, FailFastCon
June 2015

Moscow Atlassian Meetup. Different approaches to support customers efficiently.
April 2015

Some images

Images to colorize the resume. They captured the eye of my camera and I decided to share them with you.

I just love making pictures! This green tower was spotted at Zhukova prospect in Moscow in 2014. It is approx 40 stories. Not as high as NY skyscrapers, but it still one the highest residence building in Moscow
Me at "Subbotnik" - a yearly, usually in spring, volunteer venue where we clean the streets of garbage, collect recyclable materials like plastic bottles, etc. This place is close to my home
Moscow changes everyday and so quickly. Yesterday, there was an old 5 stories building "Khrushchevka". Now it is completely gone. Instead we see the new and modern house for hundreds of families. I just can
I met that guy somewhere in Pittsburgh, PA. He played so nice, so I decided to share his art with you guys
A cool car at Nashville
People say New York is a big apple. It is completely wrong. It is a big Pear. This one I found in downtown of NY not a long time ago.

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